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Rendering of removable partial dentureThere is no reason to live with missing teeth, and dentures can help. The suitability of your dentures depends primarily on your lifestyle and goals. There are many patients who visit our office at Cramer Dental who ask if dentures can solve their bite problem. Each dental restoration has its pros and cons. Let our dental teams help you determine whether dentures are right for you.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are replacement teeth that help cover the spaces found between two or more missing teeth. Ordinarily, there are partial and complete dentures.

Do You Need Partial or Complete Dentures?

In the case of replacing a missing tooth, our dentist may provide you with temporary dentures. As you wait for your bridges or implants to be fabricated, these restorations help provide a natural smile. If your teeth have been knocked out, temporary dentures can be a good solution. People with only a few missing teeth can benefit from partial dentures. In order to hold these dentures in place, a dentist uses a plastic base. The base matches the gums in color. A metal framework is secured to the base of the denture to prevent it from slipping. As such, partial dentures are ideal for people who do not require a full set of teeth. In contrast, complete dentures can be used when you are missing your entire arch of teeth. Today's full dentures are very comfortable and look natural thanks to advancements in denture technology.

Denture Procedure

For the denture placement to be completed, you will have to visit our office several times. It will be determined at your first appointment which approach to use by the dental specialist. You will be measured by the specialist and a model of your teeth will be created. A final denture is fabricated and fitted. Your dentures are adjusted if necessary to ensure they fit properly. A complete denture may require the removal of your remaining teeth. Once your teeth have been extracted, it will take some time for your gums to heal. A complete denture takes eight to 12 weeks to be delivered after your teeth are removed. In case you don't want to wait, you can receive temporary dentures that need to be removed later when you receive your permanent complete dentures.

How Long Can You Wear Dentures?

It is recommended that you wear your dentures throughout the day except when you sleep, especially in the first few weeks. Wearing them may initially feel uncomfortable, but you'll gradually become accustomed to it. In the beginning, eating with dentures may be difficult, but you will soon get used to it. The way you speak and pronounce words will change after you get dentures, but again, you will become accustomed to them over time.

Visit our Cramer Dental office if you would like to discuss dentures. To schedule a consultation with us, please call (484) 370-4010.

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There are many patients who visit our office at Cramer Dental who ask if dentures can solve their bite problem. Let our team help you determine whether dentures are right for you.
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