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Fluoride Treatment
Young boy receiving fluoride treatment at Cramer Dental in Blue Bell, PAWe all grew up knowing that brushing our teeth is a routine process to keep them clean and our breath fresh. Several toothpaste brands have fluoride as a major component, which explains why keeping optimal oral care involves the regular use of any fluoride toothpaste.

At Cramer Dental, we intend to keep you smiling with pride even as we work to reduce the burden of dental caries by advocating for effective oral hygiene practices. If you seek more information on fluoride treatment and what works best for your teeth, our team and our dentists Dr. Robbin Cramer and Dr. Craig Cramer are ready to help.

What Is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment is a professional process that involves the use of a highly concentrated rinse, varnish, gel, or foam. We will apply this on your teeth using a swab, brush, tray, or mouthwash to treat tooth decay issues.

What to Expect During Fluoride Treatment

When you visit our practice, we will prepare the highly concentrated fluoride treatment. Applying the fluoride gel to your teeth will take a few minutes.

After application, we will leave the fluoride concentrate on your teeth for a few minutes. We will then advise you to rinse off the fluoride concentrate using clean water as often as possible for at least 30 minutes. However, we advise that you avoid consuming food or drinks for at least 30 minutes after a fluoride treatment to guarantee the maximum absorption of fluoride.

Is Fluoride Treatment Effective?

Fluoride treatment is effective in preventing tooth decay and dental caries. Brushing teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste is a good habit, but the practice does not protect you entirely from tooth decay and caries. Fluoride treatment will prevent tooth decay and other oral health problems because fluoride is a natural mineral that helps teeth grow strong.

Dental caries is a tooth condition that also occurs when your teeth create acids that attack the tooth enamel. By using fluoride treatment, your teeth are not only safe from dental caries, but the fluoride will help you repair your teeth even though there could be evidence of early manifestations of tooth decay.

How Frequently Should You Have Fluoride Treatment?

The number of times you can get fluoride treatment depends on the status of your oral health. Ideally, if you are struggling with frequent dental issues, fluoride treatments are ideal once every three months. Your dentist will also recommend other preventative dentistry procedures if your tooth decay reoccurs with alarming frequency.

The Controversy Surrounding Fluoride Use in Preventative Dentistry

The fluoride found in many toothpaste brands is usually in controlled percentages, and for good reason. Fluoride use for preventative dentistry remains a controversial topic for nationwide debates. However, at our practice, we emphasize the necessity for fluoride in the search for optimal oral health.

We intend to promote optimal oral health and would like to do the same for you. At Cramer Dental, we are ready to assess and advise on the best preventative dentistry options available for you. Call us at (484) 370-4010 to book your appointment today.

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At Cramer Dental in Blue Bell, we are ready to advise on the best preventative dentistry options available for you. Call us to book your appointment today.
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