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Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatment at Cramer Dental in Blue Bell, PAAre you self-conscious about your smile? If you think that your stained teeth are beyond help, we can help. You’ll be surprised at what’s possible with the high-tech teeth whitening treatments at Cramer Dental.

You’ll be surprised at how easy a snowy and dazzling white smile is to achieve. Our experienced cosmetic dentist will get to know you and learn about your smile goals. Together, you’ll create a treatment plan to whiten your teeth with beautiful, natural-looking results. When you leave our office, you’ll feel empowered and confident in our plan for your smile.

When your teeth are sparkling white, you can't help but smile with pleasure. Over time, however, your teeth may begin to discolor or yellow. This is the point at which you may begin to lose confidence. A major cause of teeth discoloration is the foods and beverages we consume. It is also important to note that smoking stains your teeth. In the event that your teeth look unsightly due to staining, we can restore their white appearance at Cramer Dental. Using advanced teeth whitening technology, we ensure that the best results are achieved.

Why You Should Consider Professional Teeth Whitening?

People who we interact with daily are impacted by the appearance of our teeth. Thus, having white teeth creates confidence as it improves your appearance and enhances your confidence. Most people use DIY whitening kits found in stores, but they do not produce consistent results. It may be necessary for you to use these over-the-counter whitening kits repeatedly, but they will ultimately weaken your teeth.

Additionally, some of the products used to whiten teeth may contain substances that irritate the gums. It is also possible that some individuals may be allergic to the products or their ingredients. You can obtain lasting results and eliminate the side effects associated with at-home whitening kits by choosing our in-office whitening procedure. While our teeth whitening method may not provide permanent results, the effects will last longer than those achieved by DIY whitening methods. We also ensure your safety when performing our in-office whitening procedure since it is carried out expertly and we take all of the necessary precautions.

How is Professional Teeth Whitening Done?

A thorough teeth cleaning will be performed to remove plaque and bacteria during the preparation procedure. For the whitening to be effective, the surface of the teeth must be prepared. In order to prevent burns, the dentist will protect the gums and lips from the light we use during the procedure. During the whitening procedure, the whitening specialist applies a whitening gel evenly across the surface of the teeth. A special light is then applied to your teeth, which reacts with the gel chemicals and dissolves the stains.

Fluoride may be applied to the surface of the teeth to strengthen the enamel. As a result of the application of the gel and the exposure to light, the enamel on the teeth may become weakened, which is why fluoride should be applied. As a result, we examine your teeth and determine what concentration of gel to use as well as how much light we should use to minimize the chances of weakening your enamel. As our teeth whitening procedure is painless, you do not need to worry about any discomfort.

A special kit can be provided to you if you would prefer to do the whitening at home. To ensure your safety, we provide instructions on how to perform the whitening procedure. On the other hand, at-home whitening may take a longer period. To determine whether the at-home professional whitening is working, you will need to visit our office.

Don't let your discolored teeth undermine your self-confidence. Visit us at Cramer Dental for a professional whitening. Contact us at (484) 370-4010 for an appointment at our office.

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Don't let discolored teeth undermine your self-confidence. Visit Cramer Dental in Blue Bell, PA for a professional whitening. Contact us now for an appointment.
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